Farmer’s Market

Farm Tour – Rock River Farm

May 27, 2012 – Every summer our local food co-op organizes tours of the small farms in our area; today we took a tour of Rock River Farm and Rock River Perennial Garden & Greenhouse in Chatham.

Our hope after completing the tiny house is to find a cheap or free place to park it while we save up to buy land to start our own small organic farm. The opportunity to visit working farms and see what we hope to be doing soon is very inspiring and today’s tour was a real treat.

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Floor Framing Complete

May 26, 2012 – After a quick run into town to exchange some lumber and hit the farmer’s market, we finished framing in the floor of the tiny house.  We had been going back and forth on whether to build the floor in one section or three sections.  The plans call for the floor to be built in one piece; however, we knew the two of us wouldn’t be able to pull it off the trailer without quite a few extra hands. In the end, we decided on building the floor in one section and are now hoping that we can find some folks to help us pull the floor off so we can aluminum sheath the underside and get the welding done. We’ll then need help again to put the floor back on.  It’s slow, but progress is being made!

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