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Starting on Loft Dormers

March 10, 2013 – We had a reprieve from winter weather for a few days and that prompted Pete to remove the giant tarp from the tiny house. We came up with a plan for the loft dormers that we decided to add and started drawing up plans. The Tumbleweed Fencl plans that we are using to build the tiny house does not have dormers, so we’re making this up as we go. It’s been quite a few weeks, so many of the details now escape me, but we came up with some dimensions that we hope will work and framed in the walls. We had to re-do a couple of things, as we did not make the header long enough on the ends for the rafters to sit. We won’t really know if it will work until we attempt to put it all together; wish us luck!

As I type, it is snowing outside (today is April 19th)! It seems as though winter is never going to end.

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