Floor Framing Complete

May 26, 2012 – After a quick run into town to exchange some lumber and hit the farmer’s market, we finished framing in the floor of the tiny house.  We had been going back and forth on whether to build the floor in one section or three sections.  The plans call for the floor to be built in one piece; however, we knew the two of us wouldn’t be able to pull it off the trailer without quite a few extra hands. In the end, we decided on building the floor in one section and are now hoping that we can find some folks to help us pull the floor off so we can aluminum sheath the underside and get the welding done. We’ll then need help again to put the floor back on.  It’s slow, but progress is being made!

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10 thoughts on “Floor Framing Complete

  1. Nancy Holodnick

    Let us know when and we’d be happy to come help. Love you both and have fun with your new adventure.

  2. Kristie

    I think she i splanning on laying eggs in their, in her own tiny houe!

  3. I’m excited to follow along with your tiny house progress. I’ll hopefully be building my own Fencl here in a few months in WV. I was wondering if you all bought the complete plans from Tumbleweed or just the framing plans? I’m buying them this weekend, and can’t decide which I prefer.

  4. julie

    This will be awesome…very excited to follow the progress!

  5. Ron

    It looks like you are using pressure treated 2 x 4’s in the pictures. Is that what the plans call for? The only plans I have are of the Popomo by Tumbleweed. In those plans it only mentions using PT where the porch will be. Any input or advise would be appreciated!

    • Hi Ron,
      The plans did not call for pressure treated wood, except in the porch. My brother recommended that we go with the pressure treated wood because he said from his experience the floor is the first thing that goes in campers and trailers.

      • Ron

        Thanks for the reply! I am looking forward to watching your build. I just purchased my trailer to begin my build and will be following your lead. Best of luck!

      • Thanks Ron! Good luck to you as well.

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