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Finally…A Ladder!

We probably could have had a ladder a while ago had we not decided on a crazy expensive one.  Instead, we decided we wanted a rolling library ladder that easily rolled out of the way when not in use.  There are only a few companies that make the hardware for rolling ladders and they all charge quite a bit for it.

We were able to save some money by building the actual ladder ourselves.  One of our big box building stores sells furniture quality wood and we were able to pick up some nice maple boards.  After cutting and routing all the boards we put on two coats of pure tongue oil  and assembled the ladder.

When not in use, the ladder stores in between the armoire and fridge and when we need to get into the storage loft, we just pick it up and put it on the opposite rolling track.  We’re super happy with how it all came out and it’s so nice to finally be rid of the big, heavy, construction ladder that was always in the way.

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Cute Couch

Before winter set in and my mom went south, she sewed us couch cushions for the make-shift couch we built the winter before.  There wasn’t a lot of variety at the fabric stores in town, but we found something that we thought was suitable and I think it turned out beautiful.  Thanks mom!

At some point down the road, we will probably try to find a couch with a pull out bed that will fit in our little window nook, but in the meantime this couch is a nice cozy place to sit and enjoy the view.

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