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Josie the Jersey

May 21, 2013 – Our tiny house doesn’t have a roof and we don’t own any land – so the obvious next step would be to buy a dairy cow! Yes you heard right; Pete and I are the proud co-owners of a beautiful Jersey cow. Our friends Eric and Theresa, who have a small farm, wanted to get a dairy cow and they were looking for someone to share in the responsibilities. For months I have been dreaming of making butter and cheese.

Josie came from Hidden Acres Dairy Farm in Houghton. We’ve had Josie just over a week and things are going very well. Pete and I milk Josie in the evening and Eric and Theresa handle the morning milking. Eric and Theresa have four dairy goats, so they are already established hand milkers. I milked a cow once in high school, so it will take me a while to build up the hand strength and coordination, plus Pete doesn’t like to give up the milk stool if he can help it. Pete is also already a good milker due to milking the goats while he was laid off for the winter.

I currently have five gallons of milk in the fridge; I plan on making Leipajuusto, a Finnish squeaky cheese, this weekend.

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