Cute Couch

Before winter set in and my mom went south, she sewed us couch cushions for the make-shift couch we built the winter before.  There wasn’t a lot of variety at the fabric stores in town, but we found something that we thought was suitable and I think it turned out beautiful.  Thanks mom!

At some point down the road, we will probably try to find a couch with a pull out bed that will fit in our little window nook, but in the meantime this couch is a nice cozy place to sit and enjoy the view.

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6 thoughts on “Cute Couch

  1. Laura

    Cute couch mama Chris!! Can’t wait to park my butt on it!

  2. Cindy

    That is so cute! Hope you’re lovin’ the tiny house.

  3. Kirk & Tami

    Not surprised at all, knowing your talented mother. Very nicely done!

  4. How did you get by the zoning laws for living it your tiny house full time?

    • Our area is pretty lax when it comes to zoning issues so we never ran into any issues when we lived on the other property. The new property we live on actually has a “house”, so we wouldn’t be considered living in the tiny house “full time”.

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