Moving Day!

May 31, 2014 – The day has finally arrived! We moved the tiny house out to our property! The tiny house is far from finished but our lease is up and we are done paying rent!

We hired Terry and his very nice truck to move the tiny house from Pelkie out to Chatham. It took just over two hours and everything went very smooth. It was rather windy though and Terry mentioned that it would have been better if we had sway bars on the trailer. Since we didn’t, he just took it a little slower.

I was a jumbled ball of nerves when we moved the house last fall to my moms so this time I avoided coffee in the morning and also drove in front of the tiny house while Pete followed behind. I discovered being in front was way less stressful than watching the tiny house from behind. I only had to think about my home rolling down the road at 55 mph whenever I looked in the rear view mirror; which lets face it was every 45 seconds. But still I was much less nauseous this time around. I’m glad we don’t plan on moving the tiny house any time soon, but I think I would eventually get used to it if we traveled with it.

It will be interesting trying to live in the tiny house while we finish building but we’re so happy to finally be out at the property that I think the new excitement will outlast the construction phase…I hope.

Thanks again Terry for safely moving my baby!

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6 thoughts on “Moving Day!

  1. That’s super awesome. Congrats!

  2. Anne Ferguson

    Congratulations on your successful move! Hope everything runs smoothly for you as you put on the finishing touches. It always feels wonderful to be in your own house! John and Anne

  3. Paula

    I’m psyched for you to finally be on your own land – must be so exciting! You could create your own little ‘tent city’ around the house while you finish it… borrow some older large stand up in tent you could use for storage of clothes and food / kitchen stuff; put in a folding table for food prep and the tent would double as a place to put furniture / cabinets as you buy them but before they are installed; make an outdoor kitchen by holding up a tarp on 4 poles w/ bug netting sides and a propane camping stove and bbq; composting toilet outside with a plywood roof on poles and plastic sides would be a great short term privy — you should be able to find poles on your land pretending they are tree branches 😉
    just enough to be comfy livable camping style outside while the summer is nice and take your time to finish the house w/o having lots of stuff in the way. I lived thru over a dozen remodels as a child / teen and trying to work on the house with all our crap in there was the biggest headache and I remember Dad trying to talk Mom into tents — would have been MUCH easier and fun!

    Looking forward to the next set of pictures and updates – the new walls are gorgeous.

    • Thanks Paula! We’ve already started putting up tents and things are going well so far. We’re pretty experienced campers so that helps.

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