We’re Famous!

Well, maybe just among Tumbleweed Tiny House blog readers.  I was recently interviewed by fellow tiny house builder and blog writer Jenna Spesard.  She was originally planning on writing a short piece on us using wool insulation, but instead decided to change the focus to mine and Pete’s future farm plans.  I have been following Jenna’s building blog and it was fun to chat about our future plans.  Thanks Jenna!  You can read Jenna’s post here!

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10 thoughts on “We’re Famous!

  1. lakeaffected

    You ARE famous! We met a Tennessee couple who was visiting New Orleans and we somehow got to talking about tiny houses. We mentioned how we were inspired by you guys to try out a smaller footprint. Long story short… they read your blog! Perhaps they will see this and introduce themselves. (We forgot their names.) We were just tickled to find someone who “knew” you all the way down here!
    We look forward to reading the interview.
    Josh and Tari

  2. Hi it was great to meet you today! I really appreciate the tour and look forward to visiting again. Here is a link to the group I spoke of :

  3. I am impressed with your tenacious spirit! I am glad to hear you have such good friends and support! Wishing you continued success with your grand adventure! Your home is looking great! Looking forward to your next post! Be well, Valerie

    PS the use of you and your is of course 3rd person and meant for both of you! :o)

  4. We should start at Yooper Tiny House group. I am in the Houghton area (yes, MTU PhD student studying moose) and construction a tiny house.

    • That’s a good idea. I just met another couple in Marquette that are planning on starting construction on their tiny house next spring. Did you attend the wolf stewards conference last year? I believe we may have met there.

      • Yes, I did attend. Thanks for your blog, it has been very helpful for me as we live in the same area and face the same challenges with cold winters, extensive snow, etc. I will order my trailer in Sept. and hope to start construction in October, just in time for snow. Similar to you two, I will do construction primarily on weekends so I expect it will take at least a year.

      • Good luck on your build and keep us posted!

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