Electrical Has Commenced

We started working on the electrical a few weeks ago. We’re working with Fred, a semi-retired electrician who’s a long time family acquaintance. It’s been slow going because we have had extremely cold weather lately and haven’t been able to keep the tiny house in comfortable working conditions. We did borrow a big propane heater from our friend Eric and were able to keep the tiny house toasty warm over the weekend. In the couple of times we’ve gotten together we’ve made some decent progress and we’re hoping to wrap up by the end of next weekend. While Pete and I are assisting and have a general idea behind the concept of the electrical, we don’t begin to really understand the why’s and how’s. We leave all the expertise up to Fred and do as we’re instructed. With that being said, I won’t go into the details of our electrical plan because I couldn’t if I wanted to. Instead enjoy some pictures of our interior for a change.






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4 thoughts on “Electrical Has Commenced

  1. Anne Ferguson

    The tiny house is looking great! Looks like you are making excellent progress. Patt says you have been working hard every weekend…not easy in this weather. Looking forward to seeing the finished product! Annie

  2. Oh man! This is the first Michigan build I’ve found and it’s way exciting! My boyfriend and I made an offer on property in the UP this week for our tiny project. We are up there about one weekend a month this winter. If you would like some extra hands, please let us know! Good luck!

    • Where in the UP are you looking at property? If you’re in the west end let me know and we’ll give you a tour and put you to work if you want! 🙂 Good luck with the property. It was a very exciting time when we found our land. We’ll be moving out there this spring!

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