Josie the Jersey

May 21, 2013 – Our tiny house doesn’t have a roof and we don’t own any land – so the obvious next step would be to buy a dairy cow! Yes you heard right; Pete and I are the proud co-owners of a beautiful Jersey cow. Our friends Eric and Theresa, who have a small farm, wanted to get a dairy cow and they were looking for someone to share in the responsibilities. For months I have been dreaming of making butter and cheese.

Josie came from Hidden Acres Dairy Farm in Houghton. We’ve had Josie just over a week and things are going very well. Pete and I milk Josie in the evening and Eric and Theresa handle the morning milking. Eric and Theresa have four dairy goats, so they are already established hand milkers. I milked a cow once in high school, so it will take me a while to build up the hand strength and coordination, plus Pete doesn’t like to give up the milk stool if he can help it. Pete is also already a good milker due to milking the goats while he was laid off for the winter.

I currently have five gallons of milk in the fridge; I plan on making Leipajuusto, a Finnish squeaky cheese, this weekend.

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6 thoughts on “Josie the Jersey

  1. Tribal Resource Group

    Very cool.

    What happened with the land you were looking at?

    • It turns out the realtor selling it was buying it at the same time in order to get an easement to adjacent property. The township requires that the easement be 66 feet which is a state highway, so we walked away. The search for land continues.

  2. Nancy and Dan

    Congratulations on the new family addition. She really is a beauty! Nothing like fresh milk, butter and cheese. What a cream line! Looks like about 30% butter fat. We are still getting raw goat milk weekly from a local farmer. It’s great. We really enjoy following your adventures and miss you both.

    • We miss you too! We hope to have dairy goats when we eventually buy land. Theresa made some fresh chèvre the other day and it was amazing!

  3. Tami & Kirk

    Life does not always happen in order. So enjoy the chaos! You’ll have your home soon enough, good butter can’t wait. I’m anxious to hear how the squeaky cheese turns out!!

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