Slightly More Accomplished

November 3, 2012 – While every little bit adds up to an eventual tiny house, sometimes it seems like we work all day and accomplish very little. This was one of those days. We finished framing the second (storage loft side) of the gable walls and got the sheathing up as well. That’s it. That’s all we did.

On another note, we have decided to make some changes to the plans. I must first preface this by saying that I’m obsessed with all things tiny house! I’m constantly searching for new blogs, staring at google images of tiny houses, and searching for new you tube videos. It’s a dangerous habit because I find myself saying, “ooh, look at that, we should have done that”. I finally told myself that I could not compare our tiny house with anyone else’s because I would always be second guessing things. I assured myself that our tiny house would be adorable and we are going to love it. Well, then I saw a picture of the Protohaus. We have seen other tiny houses that made use of dormers, but we never felt compelled to do that with our tiny house. However, when we saw the pictures of the Protohaus, we gave it some serious thought and in the end decided it would be worth the extra effort and money to modify our plans.

Since the beginning, we’ve been trying to imagine how we are going to use our space. Are we going to use the loft as a hangout space or just a sleeping place? Because this place is going to be sooo small, it makes sense that we would want to take advantage of the loft as a secondary lounge space and dormers will make it that much roomier. It will mean not having a roof on as soon as we had hoped. There will probably be several feet of snow on the ground before we officially have a roof, and it will also mean ripping out a few of the rafters we worked so hard to put up. Stay tuned!

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11 thoughts on “Slightly More Accomplished

  1. Love the progress reports. We’re (royal we meaning me) embarking on building a small cabin very shortly. So I’m following your progress with great interest. 😉

    What part of the country are you in? We’re in Arizona. Thankfully, my building season is practically year ’round. Glad for that.

  2. Love!! I think I would have a hard time too, wanting to do things a little different after seeing a different design 🙂 But you could always build then sell to an aspiring tiny home dweller and build another!!

  3. Hey Guys, I know your choice to go with the “Protohaus” dormers is a great choice. The Protohaus is exactly what inspired me to do these dormers. They do open the loft space very nicely. They also alow more space to build some extra storage in the loft area also (extra storage = very important in a tiny house). If you want to see more pics on framing of these dormers, you can go to my Face Book page (Michael Menrath). I have been posting all my tiny house framing pics here. I have my roof framing to include sheathing done now to include my shower “bump-out” and my kitchen garden window. Hope the pics on my Face Book page help you all with the dormer framing ideas.

  4. Cindy Noble

    That protohaus IS bright! You guys have done such a great job with this – now the sweet reward of a vacation coming up!


  5. DJ

    Protohaus is amazing and completely lovely! It’s long been my favorite for its use of the dormers. I especially like how the dormers are NOT flush with the walls, as I’ve seen in other tiny homes. I really like that they left a bit of roof line around the edge of the dormers.

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