Tiny House Building Spirit Renewed!

The recent blue skies got us back into tiny house building mode.  As I type this post we do not have blue skies; it is currently overcast and snowing.  However, the past two weekends, while cold, were clear of precipitation and allowed us to get back into full tiny house building swing.

Because I have procrastinated on blogging, this post will be short and sweet and not too detailed.  Two weekends ago (October 20th & 21st) we got back to work and finished putting up the rafters and put in the blocking at the base of the rafters.  We also trimmed the ends of the rafters to what we think is the appropriate length.  As I type, I question whether we cut them short enough.  We did account for the fascia, but we need to figure out how long the metal roofing is supposed to hang over the fascia and possibly trim them a little shorter.  We need to make sure we are road legal and that means not having the rafters/fascia/metal roofing hanging out further than the wheel wells of the trailer.

The following weekend (October 27th &28th) we put in the blocking between the rafters where plywood sheeting seams will land.  We also framed in the opening for the skylight and framed in the gable end on the sleeping loft side of the house.  We chose not to put the skylight above the sleeping loft like the plans call for; instead we placed the opening for the skylight in the great room centered between the two lofts.  We also modified the gable ends slightly so as to lift the window opening as high as we could place it while still keeping the typical window header.  In doing so we only raised the window up about 3/4 of an inch.  Another modification we made to the Fencl plans was to keep the 12/12 pitch roof all the way across instead of going with the dutch hip roof at the front of the house.  This allows us to have a little more space in the storage loft as well as being able to put in another window.

Tomorrow and Sunday are supposed to be partly cloudy without precipitation so we will finish framing in the gable end above the storage loft and start putting the roof sheathing on.

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3 thoughts on “Tiny House Building Spirit Renewed!

  1. Michael Menrath

    Look’n good you all! I’m almost done with the sheathing on our tiny house. Should get all the roof sheathing done this weekend. Then I’ll be doing the end gable framing at the end of the loft and front end of the house hopefully this weekend also. I guess, even though I don’t like El Paso, TX area (’cause I miss the trees and even green grass that we DON’T have out here), the “lots of sun shine” we have is where we have the advantage. It’s a good thing these houses are on wheels… it can be taken to where we want to be; and, built in areas of the country where the sun shines “forever” with very little rain. I invite you to visit my Facebook page (michael menrath) to see the pics of our house if you like. let me know what you think. Take care, and happy tiny house building!

  2. Tribal Resource Group

    Nice update. Is the area where you will place the skylight really referred to as a “great room”?


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