Tiny House Burnout

For over two years now Pete and I have become immersed in tiny houses.  When we first learned of Jay Shafer’s tiny houses there was the initial excitement and intrigue of people living in such a small space.  Then we started to seriously consider whether we too could live in a tiny space that allowed us to be mobile if necessary and just live differently.  We started, as I’m sure most tiny house obsessed folks start, be digesting as much information as we could find about tiny houses.  Our first obsession started with Evan and Gabby’s blog  and down the rabbit hole we went.

We started building back in May of this year and have been working on the tiny house in some way every weekend since.  I hadn’t realized that burnout set in, until last weekend when the rain kept us inside.  We had a fire going in the wood stove and we spent the weekend cooking, reading, talking, streaming movies and T.V. It was at that point that I realized how enjoyable it was to spend the weekend not having to accomplish anything.  To simply have downtime is quite a luxury.

This is definitely not the time to be experiencing burnout, especially when the tiny house lacks a roof and snow is on the way!  This weekend is supposed to be decent weather and so we will get back into work mode and try to get a roof on the tiny house.  While we need to keep working to at least get the house ready for winter, it is also important to enjoy some downtime from time to time to avoid burnout in the first place.

Happy tiny house building everyone! 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Tiny House Burnout

  1. Cindy

    I’m glad you guys had some down time, you needed that. It is amazing this project you have taken on and I give you lots of credit. We are very busy running boys and working, and after this weekend it all mellows out for awhile. Time to hibernate and make chocolate chip cookies! Let’s do dinner an upcoming weekend!

  2. Tribal Resource Group

    Where will you store it for the winter?


    • Once we get the roof on and windows in, we’ll keep it covered under a big tarp and let it sit in front of the garage at our place; that’s where it is now.

  3. I suffer burn out on my tiny house designs, for me the actual building will be so much easier once I finalize and pick which design I’ll use. I have to take breaks for several days sometimes. I’m too much of a perfectionist and it gets pretty stressful at times, because no one is harder on me than me!!!

  4. Nancy Holodnick

    Erin and Peter we are very proud of you and love you both.

  5. Michael Menrath

    You guys seem to be neck to neck with me on my tiny house building progress. I, too, am trying to get a roof on my tiny house. Being in the Army makes having time to work on my house limited to just weekends. I do have somewhat an advantage being here in El Paso, TX… it’s plenty of sun shine! (even though I still complain about the heat… just can’t wait ’til it gets cool and stay cool). The gable roof design that I’m doing is one out of the ordinary though. It has a “A” frame gable extension over the main entrance door which has a rough opening for a half-moon shaped window over the door. Also, “tying” in the narrow gable roof over the loft with the dormer walls to the steeper gable roof of the rest of the house has been quite challenging… then, I have to still yet create the roof framing over the shower bump-out and the tiny roof over the kitchen garden window.(anyone who wants to check out the pics, I’ve posted my entire tiny house build process on my Face Book page. Look me up there under: Michael Menrath – I’m the one who is in Army uniform inside of a Black Hawk helecopter… send me a friend request; be glad to hear from you). Taking time off from your tiny house build once in awhile is very important. I too, did the same… my wife and I went to the Grand Canyon and enjoyed camping there for 4 days!! loved every minute of that. When we got back, it was back to work on the house every day I can get off from the Army. Keeping our minds on why we are doing this is what keeps me driving on. When you see my tiny house build album on Face Book, you will see that my comment for that is, “building for a mortgage free and simple life style”.

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