Walls Coming Along and Mistakes Fixed

July 29, 2012 – We always start our work weekends out with good intentions.  We plan on getting up early and getting to the job site right away.  We plan on working long hours and accomplishing a good deal of work.  Well, in reality, we work 4 – 10 hour days during the work week and never quite accomplish as much as we plan.  Such is life.

This weekend was no different.  After a leisurely breakfast Friday morning, we went to ProBuild.  Lately, it seems like we’ve been at ProBuild every Friday for at least an hour taking up Tony and Phil’s time with our incessant questions.  They talk to us in “builder’s talk” and then we ask “what’s that mean”?  Lucky for us, they’re pretty patient with us.  We thought we’d be starting on a new wall right off the bat; however, we weren’t quite finished with the first wall we built.  We assumed, because our framed in floor remained wobbly, that we would be able to square up our wall when we put the sheathing on.  This, however, was not the case.  The first wall we built had so much hardware in it, that it would not budge; which would be fine if it had been square, but it was not – we were a 1/2 inch off from being square.  We called Chris, hoping he would say that a 1/2 inch wasn’t a big deal; however, our hopes were dashed when he said to take out the screws and corner braces and get it to within an 1/8 of an inch.

All hope for the weekend was not lost though, we managed to square up our back wall, fix the rebar situation, tape out our floor plan to finalize window placement, and cut most of the studs for the shorter of our two side walls.



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One thought on “Walls Coming Along and Mistakes Fixed

  1. Nancy Holodnick

    Sounds like you have great friends and family to help. Love to you both.

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