Aluminum Flashing Complete

July 9, 2012 – We decided to install the aluminum sheathing this weekend after all. We spoke with our welder and he said we would be fine to sheath the floor and put it back on the trailer as long as we prop it up a bit for the welding phase. We had previously purchased a 50′ roll of 24″ wide aluminum sheathing for the underside of the floor; however, after doing some quick mental math, I decided that wouldn’t quite be enough. We stopped by ProBuild this morning and picked up another roll of aluminum sheathing, this time a 16″ x 50′ roll and 5 sheets of 3/4 inch subfloor material.

At the urging of our off-site project manager, we installed a vapor barrier on the underside of the floor to keep the floor a bit warmer.  It was pretty easy, we just rolled it out, stapled it in place, and trimmed the edges.  This was followed by the aluminum sheathing. We used construction adhesive along the outside edges where the aluminum sheathing came in contact with the floor frame and some sort of sealant by Geocel to seal the seams between the sheets of aluminum. We put in staples all along the edge of the floor very tightly spaced to keep all critters out. I probably got a little carried away with the spacing of the staples, but not as carried away as Pete and Jeff.  We only needed to staple along the edges and let the sealant do it’s job between the sheets of aluminum; however, Pete and Jeff felt the need to not only staple along all the floor boards but also to tape the seams with duct tape.  This almost meant a trip to the hardware store, however, Jeff had several partial rolls lying around the house. The job was almost finished when the second roll of duct tape ran out, but have no fear, Jeff managed to find a roll of blue and white polka-dotted duct tape. Nothing like a little piece of flair for the tiny house, even if it is on the underside and will never be seen again.

Between Jeff, Cindy, Pete and I, we managed to get the floor back onto the trailer.  At this point, we started working on the subfloor and cutting pieces to size; however, we quickly realized that our brain power was spent and it was time to call it a day.

Next up: Welding


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4 thoughts on “Aluminum Flashing Complete

  1. Chris Largent

    No job is truly complete without duct tape.

  2. Carol

    Hi, I noticed on a previous post you had mentioned framing the floor in 3 sections. Did you join the sections before putting the aluminum sheathing on the bottom?

    • Hi Carol,
      The three sections were joined before the aluminum sheathing was installed. We built the sections above and below the wheel wells first and then tied them together with the middle section.

  3. Kirk & Tami Hammel

    Most people Duct Tape where the problem is. Smart people Duct Tape where the problem will be.

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