New Construction Site – Here We Come

June 8, 2012 – At the end of July, our lease is up and our landlord will be moving back into her home. We didn’t want to get too far along on the tiny house knowing that we’d have to relocate so we packed up the tools and hitched up the house. Speaking of tools, Jay Shafer – the creator of the Tumbleweed Tiny Homes, claims only 14 tools are needed to build a tiny house. While we thought we were going to have to borrow tools from everyone we know, it turned out that between us and my mom we had all 14 (we did borrow a nail gun from a co-worker). A big thank you goes out to my mom for letting us raid her basement for all things useful to the project. Thanks mom!

Once we got the trailer hitched to the truck we realized we had a small problem. The trailer came with drop down supports at the back of the trailer. When we first brought the trailer home, we dropped the supports and built the floor. It wasn’t until today that we realized not only would the supports not come out, but that we also could not put them back in the upright position because the floor was now in the way. We discussed grabbing the grinder and cutting them off, but for some reason instead we decided to drive the trailer up to a small hill in the yard so that the supports would fall out. To make a long story short, it all worked out in the end, but really we should have just cut the darn things off. At one point the trailer and the truck were wedged between the barn and a spruce tree and no amount of going forward or backwards was helping the situation.  While one of the supports did come out, the other one was still on and being driven into the ground as Pete tried to maneuver the trailer.  Like I said, it all worked out in the end.

Our new construction site is in the driveway of our friends Jeff & Cindy Noble. Jeff and Cindy were kind enough to let us move the project to their house and we are so very grateful for their hospitality. Thanks Jeff & Cindy!  We’ll see how they react when we ask to live there permanently!  🙂

We had hoped to be super productive this weekend. We anticipated getting the welding done and the floor sheathed with the aluminum; however the welding supplies that we thought would be in stock were not and we are having to order materials. We did manage to get the VERY heavy floor off the trailer and stored in the garage. Just in time too! As soon as we got the floor off the rain came down.



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10 thoughts on “New Construction Site – Here We Come

  1. Patt Konstenius

    Thanks for the honorable mention 🙂 If I can’t work on it, at least some of my tools can. Mom

  2. Thank you for your blog! I’m a full-time student and single mom, and hope to have my own Fencl built (by me!) by the end of 2013 so we have somewhere to live when I start grad school.

  3. I’m enjoying your blog – I’m, according to your definition, a capital “t” Troll who is just beginning a Weebee build in Ann Arbor. Looking at your beautiful flashing: can you tell me what is being welded at this point? Thank you!

    • The plans call for rebar to be welded at eight locations around the trailer. The rebar will come up through holes we’ve drilled in the floor and will also come up through the bottom plate of our walls. Then a large bracket of sorts is inserted onto the rebar and attached to one of the wall studs. A lot of the blogs we’ve followed have never mentioned welding, so it’s possible it’s not super crucial, but our plans say to do it and we want to make sure the house is very secure to the trailer. The welding is being done this week, so I’ll post pictures when it’s complete.

      • I’ve been concerned abut the rebar also: for some reason I thought it was to be attached and welded on *after* the walls were put in place. I’ll look and see how yours goes together. Even though some people haven’t been mentioning it and maybe haven’t done it, I agree with you that it’s the safest way to go. I don’t have the engineering skills to just go off on my own making changes in the plans…. so I will do what Tumbleweed specified.

      • Our plans have a “Trailer Plan” page that gives step by step instruction regarding purchasing the trailer and building the floor. It says to have the welding done before the floor is framed. We decided it was better to frame the floor in and drill the holes, then have the welding done. That way we would be sure that the rebar was welded in the correct spot. I’ll have some pictures posted soon.

      • Thank you so much! No such page was included in my Weebee plans, so I’ve written Tumbleweed to try to see if I can buy one. I’ll also post pictures when it happens…

      • This is a great idea. We’ve been more than a bit concerned about how our tiny house is actually secured to our trailer.

        This step was not addressed in our Tumbleweed plans, and is perhaps why you haven’t seen it represented in many previous projects. All things tend to improve with time and reflection, no? It is a great idea, and one we would have liked to include in our build.

        Good luck with your project, it is looking great!

        Best regards,
        Evan & Gabby

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