Gabby & Evan

When we first started thinking about building a tiny house, we came across Gabby & Evan’s blog Not only was their blog helpful on a practical level it was also inspirational as we started our own tiny house daydreaming. We started to talk about them as though we knew them personally. We were constantly saying, “Gabby and Evan this and Gabby and Evan that”. We followed their entire progress and appreciated all the research they were doing.

Check out their latest video, a look back at their tiny house experience!

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One thought on “Gabby & Evan

  1. Dustin Christensen

    My wife and I are both teachers and graduated from college and are working as teachers in Wyoming. We are at this time renting and saving our money for our own place. We have been watching Tiny House Nation and other shows involving the Tiny House Movement. We are looking into building a tiny house on a gooseneck trailer. I am handy but I have never framed anything. My idea is to by the trailer and have a contractor frame. Anyways what are some suggestions and ideas?

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