Tumbleweed Tiny House Plans Purchased

March 18, 2012 – While camping in a tent and not paying a cent in rent is great; having a shower and a refrigerator is even better. We often thought about purchasing an RV so that we could move around as jobs became available and always have our home with us; however, when it comes to two people who like to cook together and happen to live in a part of the world that gets over 200 inches of snow a year, an RV just doesn’t cut it. This brought us to thoughts of converting a gutted greyhound into a home. There is a nifty website out there that shows you all sorts of busses, from gutted greyhounds to school busses to double-decker style buses that are for sale.

While still on the converted greyhound kick, we came across Jay Shafer’s Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and we were sold! Jay’s home designs were so bright inside and seemed to offer everything one would need, only in a very small, super cute package.

On that note, we finally made up our minds and purchased the tiny house Fencl plans. We have a lot of family and friends that have building experience and many of them told us we could figure it our on our own. However, Pete and I do not have building experience and while friends and family may be readily available for advice, when it comes down to the actual building of the house we might be high and dry and on our own. In that respect, we wanted to be fully prepared and we figured it wouldn’t hurt to have the plans.

There are many reasons why a tiny house is appealing. We are building a tiny house because it just makes sense for us. It’s definitely not for everyone and that’s okay. But we’re going to make a go of it, and we would love if you followed us on our journey!

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6 thoughts on “Tumbleweed Tiny House Plans Purchased

  1. Karen

    We are excited to follow you on this adventure! We plan on being in Michigan some time over the summer and would love to visit! Can’t wait to see the tiny house.

  2. Sue Healy

    I’m excited to be invited to follow this blog of your life and of the tiny house. It looks fascinating and I can’t wait to learn more…. Love, Aunt Sue

  3. Nancy Holodnick

    Anyway we can help, let us know. Have fun! Love, Mom & Dad

  4. Bill Largent

    I can’t wait until you host Thanksgiving for the entire family…
    (does this mean you will be serving tiny turkey?)

  5. I originally purchase the same Fenci plans from Tumbleweed but returned them the same day. I was unhappy with the quality of the plans; in my opinion, there were to many details missing.

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